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Cupping/Hijama Services In Kuwait

Cupping/Hijama Services In Kuwait

Hijama or Wet cupping is Islamic way of treating many type of deceases, including BP, Diabetic, severe headache and many others. As its said there is no such decease sent on earth without cure, every decease has its remedy all we need to do is research.

I was glad to find Cupping therapist in Kuwait. Following is the FAQ from Al-Hijama expert.

Hijama Services in Kuwait by Abu mujahid yudhi sri mulyadi

The following is a guest blog-post in the form of a written interview by Abu mujahid yudhi sri mulyadi, a male cupping therapist from Kuwait.

I am a nurse. Since in the nursing college, I actually became interested in treatment based on Islamic divine revelation such as drinking honey and eating habbatus sauda (black seed) and Al Hijama until finally in the year 2007, there was one event Al Hijamah Training, in the town where I live in tasik, Indonesia. A qualified Ustadz named Rasto Gunawan who teaches how to do Hijama with good technique and refers to medical standards.He also a member of ABI (Assosiasi Bekam Indonesia/INDONESIAN CUPPING THERAPY ASSOSIASION)

Since then I started doing Al Hijama for my family and friends. Amazingly the results were very good, most of them feel their fitness and wellbeing return.

One year later, a lot of friends who wanted to have Al Hijama done started coming to me and after that, usually they tell others and recommend Al Hijama as a therapy to try to overcome their health problems or at least in order to apply the sunnah of our noble Prophet peace be upon him.

I am very pleased also that Al Hijama is very closely related to my profession as a nurse. In Hospital I suggest to many patients to do Al Hijama as well as taking their prescribed medicines by the doctor.

I have treated mild high blood pressure, for example 140/100 mmHg and mild increase in cholesterol level and lower back pain.

Some problems that I frequently handle include: acute and chronic headache, asthma, hypertension and hypotension, stiff neck, back pain, lower back pain, leg pain including knee problems and numbness, arthritis, haemorrhoid and allergy (food and weather).

Almost all the problems I handled shows good results, some of which in fact show a result straight away as in the case of hypertension and hypotension, after Hijama usually the blood pressure becomes close to normal BP 120/80 mmHg, even the little cases (borderline) became perfectly normal. Subhaanallah wal hamdulillah. And in the case of stiff neck, after hijama usually the patient will feel light and free, as well as patients with back pain.

But if the problem has been longstanding, the result is felt usually after a bit longer eg. about a week and some even a month for recovering.

Amazingly, all my patients in therapy, alhamdulillah, sensed something different about their bodies, they feel light and fresh, even some of them who feel lost weight after hijamah because the body feels lighter. That is how I have myself felt after my first time of hijama.

I recommend doing Al Hijama as a preventative therapy, at least once or twice in a year and select the day and date according to the sunnah for best result. But those who have problems with high blood sugar, I recommend once every two months if doing at the same point. If someone has many problems, then it should be done every month on certain points.

In a lifetime, at least do Al Hijama once in order to practice the sunnah of our beloved prophet peace be upon him.

For myself, I have had Al Hijama done by one of my friends. It was for reducing my blood pressure and cholesterol, headache and preventative purposes.

As I know, in Kuwait most of the Hijama they are doing in their private house, not in clinics nor hospitals. There are many Hijama Therapists in Kuwait but it is still not available in any hospital. We hope in the future it will be recognized and approved by the goverment. Amin.

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Al Hijama is one of Prophetic sunnah. I recommend to all Muslims to do Hijama at least once in lifetime as prevention. And if someone wants to do Hijama during Ramadhan, do it only if it is really very urgent/emergency, otherwise do Hijama one or two week after Eid Al Fithr for the best treatment and result.

Wallohu A’lam. Baarokallohu fiikum.
Wassalamu’álaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh.

Abu mujahid yudhi sri mulyadi


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